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Smiling is Contagious

Studies have found that seeing just one other person smiling activates the area of the brain that controls facial movement, leading to a grin.

We are Proud To Welcome

Dr. Kyle Blacker to the Practice!


Sleep Wellness and Total Wellness

Good, refreshing sleep is vital to every aspect of our health. That’s why Dr. Blacker is more than just your family dentist, he’s also a Kansas City sleep specialist who can help you to stop snoring and enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had! 

Blacker Family Dental for Your Whole Dental Health

We’re here for every aspect of your dental health, from preventative care to teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental procedures for your whole family. Dr. Blacker is also a KC sleep specialist to help treat sleep disorders with specially fabricated oral sleep appliances!

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