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Flossing Tips Kansas City Family Dentist

The Reasons Flossing is so Important to Your Dental Health

By the time you’re old enough to put your own toothpaste on a toothbrush, you know that flossing is an important part of your daily dental care routine. It’s something your parents teach you, something that you learn about in school, and certainly something you hear from your Kansas City family dentist. Despite all that, many of us struggle to floss every day.

In fact, a recent U.S. News & World Report survey found that only about 30% of the U.S. population flosses at least once a day. That means 70% of us are not flossing enough—or worse yet, not at all. In hopes of improving that number a bit, we thought we’d discuss why flossing is so vital to your dental health and your overall health, too.

Flossing is basically half the battle. Don’t get us wrong. Brushing your teeth is extremely important, and you should be doing it at least twice a day, but the job’s not complete until you floss. Depending on how good your flossing game is, anywhere from 40% to 50% of bacteria and plaque may be removed from your teeth by flossing. In fact, the two activities should be viewed as a complementary pair. If you only brush or only floss, you’re only doing half the job.

Flossing helps prevent gingivitis and other diseases. Gingivitis is one of the earliest stages of gum disease, and if you notice your gums becoming swollen or bleeding when you brush or floss, you may already have it. If left untreated, gingivitis can give way to periodontal disease, which can even affect other parts of your body, including your heart. Sore or bleeding gums may discourage you from flossing or brushing, but the opposite should actually be true. If you think you may have gingivitis, talk to your Kansas City family dentist and try brushing and flossing more regularly. It might help more than you think.

Flossing helps freshen your breath. Flossing doesn’t just get rid of plaque and bacteria. It’s also one of the best ways to catch bits of food that might be trapped between your teeth. That caraway seed or piece of parsley may be small, but it can have a big impact on your breath. Floss regularly for a cleaner, fresher mouth!

Flossing daily makes your bi-annual dental visit easier. Look, we get it. Nobody loves coming to see their Kansas City family dentist. But you know what can make your next visit a lot more pleasant? Flossing every day! In the same way that regular flossing can help prevent gingivitis and keep your gums from becoming sore and inflamed, it also means that your next cleaning and checkup will go more smoothly, too! And you can answer proudly when we ask if you’ve been flossing.

Did you learn anything new? Even if you didn’t, hopefully we’ve reminded you of how important it is to floss every day. It not only helps to reduce your risk for gingivitis, cavities, and other major dental problems, but it helps promote overall health and freshens your breath, to boot. What’s not to like?

Remember to brush twice a day, floss every day, and make regular visits to see Blacker Family Dental in Kansas City, MO. Need to make an appointment? Just call (816) 763-8400 or click here to schedule!

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