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Spring Has Sprung, and Some of Us Aren’t Sleeping Too Well

Spring is here, and we’re all looking forward to warmer weather, getting into baseball season, getting out in the yard on weekends, and everything else that comes with these beautiful days! While hibernation may be over for the year, however, we still need our sleep, and many of us may be struggling to get it now that spring is in the air. Why is that? Your Kansas City sleep specialist has answers as well as a list of things that you can do to get a good night’s sleep this spring.

1. Daylight Savings Time. It’s the worst, isn’t it? Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it. Our bodies get used to having certain cycles of sleeping and waking, and anything that messes with that can mess with our sleep. It’s basically like the entire country has jetlag a couple of times a year. Everyone’s response to Daylight Savings Time is different, too. While some people may take only a few days to adjust, others may take weeks. On that note…

2. More Daylight! The Spring Equinox is the official beginning of spring. Between the Equinox in March and the Summer Solstice in June, the days get longer and the nights get shorter. That means more daylight, which is great for playing sports after school, going on hikes, or grilling out in the backyard. But it’s not so good for sleep. If the sun rises before your alarm goes off, you may find yourself waking up earlier, but not feeling very rested. You can put up energy-saving blackout curtains that can help you sleep through some of the extra daylight and also drop your utility bill!

3. You’re Getting Older. Don’t worry, we all are. Sorry we had to be the ones to tell you, but it’s true and, unfortunately, it’s probably affecting your sleep. While you can’t do much about aging, you can create a more sleep-friendly environment in your bedroom. That may mean soft lights or a white noise machine, and it almost certainly means putting the electronics away before bed.

4. The Birdies are Chirping! Along with more sun comes more birds chirping outside your window first thing in the morning, which isn’t always conducive to good sleep. That same white noise machine we mentioned earlier may help, and if you’ve had birdfeeders up in the backyard, now might be a good time to take them down. There are plenty of bugs out there for the birds to eat, anyway!

5. All the Flowers are in Bloom. Spring flowers are beautiful, but they bring pollen with them, and unfortunately Kansas City ranks around 50th among the top 100 U.S. cities for allergens. That’s not great news for allergy sufferers who have to deal with watery eyes, stuffy noses, and, yes, an increased risk of sleep apnea. Fortunately, your family dentist, who also happens to be a sleep apnea specialist in Kansas City, can help with this one using simple and affordable oral appliances crafted just for you!

To learn more about how Blacker Family Dental in Kansas City can help with sleep apnea or other sleep problems this spring call (816) 763-8400 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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